pnw singer , songwriter Jeri James

Henry Clay's Public House, Lexington Kentucky 2021

The Same Old New Gemini Lake Oswego, Oregon 2023

Jeri James is a Pacific North West Singer/Songwriter, based out of Eugene and the Southern Willamette Valley. She sings country, folk, southern rock style. She has been a performing artist for over 20 years and began her journey with an acoustic guitar and a writing pen. She spent a good decade in the Southern California high desert, where she wrote songs in the early morning, practiced every chance she could get and later performed them in front of  her local church.  A sequence of events landed her back in Oregon where she began competing in annual showdowns for a chance to travel to Nashville. These competitions provided fuel and motivation for her songwriting , as well as back to back first place awards between Albany and Coos Bay, at regional levels. She still hasn't made it to Nashville but hopes to eventually do so and is excited as opportunities continue to emerge. 

Radio interviews and LIVE performance invites began popping up here and there in 2009 forward, and she hit the gas before the sun came up to join morning shows on KRKT, KUGN, and even news talk 1120 with Bill Lundun and Robb Holloway. She sang over the phone in 2011 on the Good Day show where she was discovered on national radio, Coast to Coast with Doug Stephan.

Jeri decided to record an album in 2014. Her first album contained 16 original songs and one her Dad wrote, called Circle of Chains. Behind the scenes, she was navigating and juggling life , family, a day job and eventually a Texas Red Dirt Radio show as a DJ for an online podcast and LIVE DJ for the radio station KNND out of downtown Cottage Grove. 

J.J. was spinning local songwriters and promoting artists well known today, such as: Cody Johnson, Aaron Watson, Cody Jinks, Zach Bryan, Tyler Childers, Sturgil Simpson, and so many more, on her Indie radio, daytime slot. She was trying to bring exposure and carry the torch of her Father, that had passed away in 2006, having a legacy "stuck" beneath the radar. Coming from a dirt poor family and knowing the struggles at hand, she marveled at the fact that someone so talented could be passed up like this. Her Dad should have been heard by the world at large, she will tell you. She compared her Dad's style and sound to  legendary artists like Merle Haggard and Roger Miller. 

She continues to write songs and is currently in Blue Barn studio, having her latest single 'Kentucky Bound' mastered and due to release on all digital platforms in August of 2023. She has at least nine more songs in the cue, waiting for production and continues to write as much as she can. Her dream is to make and create beautiful music and share the stories with everyday people like you and me. She says the gift of music is not just for self! It is  to be shared and delivered like “salve to a wound” or like an “Oasis to a desert.” That is why she is determined and aims to get out there and tell her story through her lyrics and melodies, where you can enjoy them too! 

"I've been through a lot of tough, life lessons and experiences that grew me up awful fast! I'm not alone in this way...I'm certain...and I thank God for the material  I now have to write about!"